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Joan and Friends"In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely train him to be semi-human. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming part dog."

-Edward Hoagland

K9 Leadership Training is a subsidiary of K9 Kinship Training Inc. K9 Leadership teaches dog training techniques that are meant to develop a positive relationship between guardians and their dogs. K9 Leadership has been training dogs and guardians in the Greater Vancouver region for several years, with classes being held in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

We offer a variety of classes from our Puppy PK training program to Street Smarts Obedience to Wilderness Tracking. Our dog training and teaching methods are aimed at building a positive relationship between guardian and dog. The teaching techniques used are meant to build a positive relationship between guardian and dog, teaching responsible dog leadership in a fun and rewarding atmosphere. Our trainers work to help guardians tap into the canine's natural instincts and drive to encourage learning.

K9 Leadership advocates the holistic approach to teaching and caring for our dogs producing a happier and healthier companion. We are advocates for the raw diet and offer help with canine nutrition, exercise needs and how to provide a stress free environment that can enhance a dogs life. Treat rewards are used as a focusing and learning tool. Once a dog has learned an exercise and can focus its attention it is then rewarded with affection, play and praise. We believe that a positive learning experience with fair and consistent leadership is essential to having a strong relationship with our canine companions.

Guardians are taught to be good canine leaders by understanding their dog's needs and social structure. Once a dog understands their role within the dynamics of their pack and guardians understand how to promote their role of pack leader their dog happily follows direction, no bribery or threats required.

Choke collars - are never used nor encouraged.  We use martingales instead.

Good canine manners are achieved, not by threatening a dog with pain or punishment, but by predicting and understanding why a dog is misbehaving through learning to interpret a dog's body language and pack status. Through this type of learning and applying behavior modification techniques, unwanted behaviors are prevented and/or managed and positive behavior is encouraged.

The teaching methods are based on operant and classical learning theories developed by behaviorists B.F Skinner and Ivan Pavlov and promote positive outcomes.