Dog and Puppy Obedience Training & Tracking Classes in north Vancouver

Your relationship with your dog is unique, and so are your obedience training needs. All of our classes are focused on strengthening the connection between you and your best friend; learn to communicate with your dog, and she will learn to understand you.
Puppy Obedience & Training Classes

The 101s of dog training and socialization are the most valuable skills you and your dog can learn together. Form the building blocks for a trusting relationship with your dog with these courses.

The Tracking Series

Deepen the bond with your dog by enlisting into the world of tracking. Begin in the forest or in an urban environment for a fascinating peak into the dogs’ world through their noses.

Extensive Area Search & Odor Detection

Does your canine companion have super powers? With noses that can smell 1000x greater than our own, all dogs do! Unleash the hero in your dog in these courses in air scenting.

Private Obedience Classes

Your new dog may not be ready for group classes or your work shifts may vary, which may lead you to one of our individualized private classes. Perhaps you are dealing with a behavior problem, or wish to raise a first-time puppy. Let’s go one-on-one.

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Owner and founder Maureen Fielding discusses canine conundrums from a personal perspective

What we do

We Work Together.

Our objective is to create a deep connection between human and dog through clear, consistent, fair leadership and communication encompassing the most current ideals in positive reinforcement learning theory.

We offer a variety of training and obedience classes for you and your best friend from Puppy Preschool to Wilderness Tracking. Our teaching methods help you build a positive relationship with your dog in a fun and rewarding environment by employing responsible leadership techniques and drawing awareness to your canine's unique methods of communication.

We believe in a holistic approach to caring for our dogs, balancing the nature of dog needs with human needs, for a happier, more balanced companion for life. Learn how exercise, mental stimulation and satiety positively influence your dog’s behaviour and how to balance your dog’s needs into your busy human life.

  • Socializing your dog

    Learn how engagement and good socialization sets the groundwork for a well adjusted dog, from puppyhood continuing into maturity.

  • Good manners in a human world

    Your dog’s good behaviour relies on your competency as “a consistent leader and trainer for your dog”

  • Activity and Exercise

    Dogs come with all energy levels, and just like people, need varying degrees of activities and exercise for mental and physical satiety.

  • love and be loved

    Dogs quite simply love to work for rewards and affection. The rewards for us as humans are invaluable.

Team Leaders

We help you and your dog learn and lead together.
Maureen Fielding
Owner and Founder
Team Leader with unrelenting enthusiasm. Learn more about Maureen.
Allan M.
With attention to detail, get precise with Allan.
Teri Dunbrack
With energy for days, get tracking withTeri.
David Wagner
With rave reviews, get tracking with David.
Kayleigh Robertson
Super cool and super smart, train withKayleigh!
Laurel Whatley
With a gentle, clear approach to teaching, get searching with Laurel.
Ellie Lamb
Don’t complain, train with Ellie!
Corinne Rogers
Are you ready to bust a move with Corinne?

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