Tracking Classes





All dogs have a natural ability to follow a scent regardless of their breed or mix of breeds. Some dogs, because of their genetic background, may work faster or have a greater need to track than other breeds but they all have the instinct and varying degrees of desire to track. This is because tracking is a form of hunting which is an instinct that was handed down to dogs from their wolf cousins. If a dog has a nose we can teach it to track. In these classes, students and their dogs deepen their bond with communication skills through line handling, moving in synchronicity together; where you and your dog become a single unit, harmonized on a single objective.

Tracking is an excellent, mentally stimulating and stress relieving exercise for dogs. It is excellent for those high energy dogs and their human companions that just can’t squeeze enough activity into a day. Tracking is imperative for high drive dogs with an unfulfilled work ethic. It is an excellent activity for rescued dogs to ignite a trusting, bonding relationship with their new guardian. It is effective as a tool to build confidence in those with insecurities, as well as amazing therapy for fearful dogs. Tracking fosters an unparalleled relationship between you and your canine, and for this reason alone, they are our favourite classes to teach.

We offer three types of tracking classes, and you have the option to begin at Level 1 in any series.



A two-level course that involves teaching a dog to follow a human scent in the form of skin rafts combined with ground and vegetation disturbance, and to discriminate between that scent and other scents in the forest. All newcomers to tracking must begin here, at Level I before progressing to the Urban, or Urban/Field Series.

LEVEL I teaches the foundation of tracking a human scent, working up to a track with changes of directions, along with the basics of human scented article recognition and indication which the dog will find along the track. Handlers will learn the basics of line handling and the beginnings of reading their dog while on the track together. This course is designed so that if this is the only level that students complete in tracking, they can always have fun with their dogs doing a simple track in the forest.

This course consists of 5 classes 1.5 hours in length.
Space reserved to 4 dogs per instructor.

*** We offer Wilderness Level I on the North shore and in Langley. Please specify which location you wish to register when booking a class. ***

LEVEL II continues with more complex tracks and scent discrimination, including a new search exercise designed to develop human scented article indication. Dogs develop confidence with more problem solving skills and handlers become more skilled with long line handling and reading their dogs on the track. A very exciting finale to the Wilderness Tracking Series.

5 classes
Space is reserved to 4 dogs per instructor.



Handlers who cannot navigate the forest as well, or have reactive or special needs dogs, may find the Urban Tracking Series more manageable. This varied terrain includes vegetated and non vegetated surfaces which are presented to the dog in simple short components.

LEVEL I teaches the foundation of tracking on urban grass and non vegetated hard surfaces in a component format. Human scented article indication and scent discrimination is developed.

This course consists of 5 classes 2 hours each.

LEVEL II continues with putting previous components of urban tracks together to create more complex tracks. Article indication becomes article scent discrimination as dogs need to identify articles belonging to the track layer on the track amongst other human discarded articles. A very exciting conclusion to this series which bridges over to higher levels of urban tracking.

This course consists of 5 classes 3 hours each.



An exciting course combining field grass tracking with urban grass and hard surface tracking. This course is designed to prepare students for Canadian Kennel Club Tracking Trials, by simultaneously training for field and hard surface tracking.

LEVEL I teaches the foundation components of field tracking and hard surface tracking simultaneously. Dogs learn to transition from one surface to another. Article indication is developed more acutely in the process.

This course consists of 5 classes, at 2.5 hours.

LEVEL II begins putting short components together, and adding simple changes of direction. Article indication becomes more reliable at this level.
This course consists of 5 classes.

LEVEL III continues with longer field tracks with changes of direction and more complex urban component tracks. Dogs become more proficient at transitioning, and are exposed to problem solving in the urban environment. Article indication becomes more reliable at this level.
This course consists of 5 classes.

LEVEL IV +  Ongoing / Continuing Drop Ins



Students who are graduates from this course are welcome to train for CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) and AKC (American Kennel Club) tracking trials with us in our tracking club with ongoing classes. Many of our members are accomplished tracking and detection heroes! Interested? Maybe you’re ready to join our pack!