Ellie has been working with dogs as a passion for many years. She started training pet and service dogs professionally 6 years ago. Verbal marker training is the training system she uses as it allows for immediate access to clarity of language and communication between the handler and the dog. With clarity comes understanding and with understanding “respect” and a willing heart to please. This is engagement training at its best.

Ellie has spent 10 years volunteering in K9 Search and Rescue and at preset is a Resource member of a three dog task force with North Shore Rescue. She started with a K9 Search and Rescue dog named Nan. After losing Nan last year, she got another working Malinois she named Dreki. At present she is working towards validation with her next year in Search and Rescue.

Bear View Guiding is another field Ellie works in. She is a 25 year veteran in this field and holds a deep love for bears both black and grizzly. She said “Like dogs, these animals teach us so much about tolerance, humility, politeness and communication. How they communicate to one another is subtle but clear. They are stern at times but always fair, trusting and forgiving”.

These two animals Ellie believes can help people become better human beings on so many levels.

As for working in the field of Dog Training, Ellie said “It’s a pleasure and an honour to work with the people who deeply care about their K9 companion. I look forward to the coming year helping new and previous handlers and their dogs. It is exciting to assist people in unveiling the potential they never thought they could have in their relationships with the amazing dogs they choose to share their lives with…”


[Photo credit Dan Brodie Photo]

Tribute to Nan