Ellie has been working with dogs as a passion for many years. Having worked with high level obedience dog trainers, her experience is that marker training has been the most successful methodology, as it allows for immediate access to clarity of language. With clarity comes understanding, and with understanding comes motivation to please. This is “Engagement Training” at its best. Ellie’s background is in communication with animals. As a Grizzly Bear Guide, Ellie has been guiding people in to see grizzly bears up in northern BC for many years. She cares deeply for bears, who like dogs, in their own way teach us so much about tolerance, politeness and communications. ‘How they communicate to one another is subtle but clear, stern at times but always fair, trusting and forgiving’. She believes the biggest lesson of all is “Humility”. These are two animals she has come to love, and through them, we can become better human beings. They will at the very least teach you the power of communication like no other…

Ellie has been Bear Guiding for 18 years and has been a Certified Professional Bear Viewing Guide with the Commercial Bear Viewing Association for five years. Ellie has been Dog Training professionally for three years, but practicing since youth.

Ellie and her dog Nan have been a validated team in Wilderness Rescue for 7 years, and volunteer as active resource members for North Shore Rescue.