K9 Leadership Private Classes



Different dogs and different people have different needs, and maybe you and your canine need something extra, or advanced, or even simpler than what is offered in our group classes. Often a family would like private in home classes of their own to raise a puppy, or deal with a specific issue. If you’re up for something personal, then so are we! We will work with you to tailor a program that achieves what you need; giving the best of ourselves to serve you and your dog. First, download and fill out our questionnaire via our registration page to help us identify your needs and situation, and then we go from there.


Students who are enrolled in our Puppy Program / Dog Leadership Program / or Privates are invited to join our Group Walks with Instructor David Wagner. The purpose is to put into practice what we have learned, while having fun with our dogs and camaraderie with others who are working on the same issues.
During the walk the group will practice the Active Walk, Easy Walk and Heeling, work on redirections, reactivity, distractions, greetings, and address any other issues that may present along the way.
The walk lasts 1-1 ½ hours – 1-1.5 hours on sites that are safe and provide ample distance from traffic.

Evening Pack Walks April to October
Daytime Pack Walks November to March


Private Sessions with Ellie Lamb

Would you like your dog to have impressive obedience skills and engagement with you but your
schedule does not allow for classes? Or perhaps you would like your dog ‘trained’ but there is just no
time to do the training yourself? Go one on one with Ellie.