Kayleigh Robertson


Kayleigh started her training journey teaching swimming, triathlon, and lifeguarding
courses to students of all ages and backgrounds. However, when she adopted her first
dog, Casey Jones, an incredibly fearful dog; his fears and uncertainties led her down a
new and exciting training path. Since working through Casey’s fear (an ever continuing
and evolving process) she has since adopted another dog, Kobe, with his own set of
strengths as well as a new set of challenges to work through and learn from.
Her focus in training starts with creating a solid foundation built on trust, focus, and engagement;
incorporating activities that are both fun and functional into training to keep both the handlers
and the dogs wanting to continue. Having worked with her own fearful and reactive dogs she
understands the importance of working within a dog’s threshold, and that slowly building upon
skills to reduce frustration while building positive associations is the key behind any successful

Kayleigh has recently completed her apprenticeship with K9 Leadership. She is regarded as a
talented and creative trainer with a keen understanding of how dog’s learn. She has attended and
completed all of the obedience and boot camp classes through K9 Leadership as well as all of the
tracking courses, and is currently working towards titling Casey Jones. She also dabbles in
agility and scent detection with her dogs and is planning to add rally-o and extensive area search
to their growing list of activities. When not training her own dogs or helping teach obedience and
boot camps, she enjoys participating in seminars such as the Debbie Jacobs, fearful dog seminar.