Trainer Teri Dunbrack

Teri has worked with dogs for most of her life, working with local shelters teaching obedience and specializing in reactive and high arousal dogs. She is an avid follower of Dr. Ian Dunbar, and has taken many courses in puppy training, dog behavior, body language in dogs, and obedience to give her more experience in the field.

Since 2009, she has been devoured by tracking with her high energy bluetick coonhound named Rascal. She has taken seminars in high levels of tracking with Sil Sanders, Donna Brinkworth and Ed Presnall, a search and rescue tracking program with Deborah Palman of Maine K9 Services, as well as our own program.

After years of tracking with Maureen, Teri joined the K9 Leadership team in 2014 as an instructor for the tracking series of courses, specializing in urban tracking. Teri also enjoys teaching our Dog Leadership Level 1 and 2 Obedience and Boot Camp classes, and the Ultimate Recall.