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Maureen and Griffin

Maureen and Griffin

Welcome to the K9 Leadership website! I hope you find it easy to navigate and inspirational to look at.

As my first posting on the dog blog, I wish to convey my thoughts on the human dog relationship. I think it is fitting that the human lead the dog through the social manners of the human world through clear concise communication. This takes a lot of stress off the dog, and makes for a much more pleasant and enriching relationship. However, in tracking and scent work, the dog has the opportunity to lead the human in the dog’s world.
With this arrangement, the dog gets to hunt with his primary sense with his human, and an incredibly inspired human gets to have a peak into that world of the dog. Seems fair to me!

I wish you all the experience of a balanced relationship with your dogs, as I have had with mine.
Welcome to the incredible journey.

Maureen Fielding
K9 Leadership